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Web Hosting
You have the following options for hosting your web site...

Cost and service level implications of arranging your own hosting

BrilliantWeb does not require that you host your Joomla site on our server.

For instance, you may have an existing relationship with an ISP, or a long term hosting contract that you cannot get out of.

However, our experience shows that working with other hosts always adds complications and delays for us.

We therefore cannot offer the same costs and service levels as those included in our hosting package.

General web site hosting

We can host the following web site formats:

  • General, HTML sites
  • Sites developed using DreamWeaver
  • Sites developed using FrontPage (with extensions)
We are unable to host ASP, ASPX, JAVA or Cold Fusion sites
BrilliantWeb Joomla hosting

BrilliantWeb provides affordable, generous hosting that is specifically tailored towards Joomla installation and security.

Joomla security is strongly dependent on the server configuration.  Very few hosting companies have the resources to be security and user experts for all Content Management Systems.  This means that most have a poor understanding of how to secure a server for Joomla.

Hosting your site with another host provider

If you have arranged your own hosting, or wish to do so, you need to ensure that the server is compatible with Joomla, and sufficiently secure so that your site is not an easy target for hackers.

Security updates

Web server and site security is of critical importance to the ongoing health of your web site, and protection of your data against hackers.

Unfortunately, we play a constant tag game with hackers.  Hackers constantly seek to overcome each security technique applied, and to find previously undiscovered security flaws in existing web site software.

For these reasons, site security is an area of constant research and activity.

There are three levels to site security:

  1. The minimum security settings required to prevent your site from being a security risk to other sites on our server
  2. The minimum security settings and site updates to prevent your site from being easily hacked
  3. Comprehensive security settings and site updates to make your site much harder to hack

We require that your site comply with level 1, for obvious reasons.  We cover the costs of doing this work.

Level 2 costs R450, and is applied to existing and new sites.

Level 3 is quoted on, as it depends on the complexity of your site.

If you choose not to do Level 2 on a regular basis (approx every 6 months) and the site gets hacked, then you will be charged for the site restoration costs (approx R7500).