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Social Media Marketing Explained
Written by Kim Furber   

Social media marketing and its effect on your business.

Traditional media in decline.

Over the last five years traditional media forms have begun a slow decline in user numbers. The internet is no longer a highly technical tool with limited uses and heavy entrance costs. In modern terms the internet is slowly becoming our medium of choice for accessing news, entertainment and information.

As this trend continues to pull audiences away from more traditional advertising sources large companies are scrambling to find their place amongst the often confusing jumble of media sources on the internet.

New Opportunities for local businesses.

Amongst all this these companies are often finding themselves in an odd position, instead of competing for your attention against other other expansive and expensive advertisement campaigns created by large advertisement agencies they often find themselves matched against local businesses, artists or even casual bloggers.

The reason they find themselves in this novel position is that nature of the internet and all internet marketing efforts entails that virtually all popular communication mediums on the internet are essentially controlled by the consumers that use them.

As a result in order to communicate product and service messages and other marketing efforts to potential customers, organizations must now adapt their messages in such a way as to compel these consumers to opt into the communications.

This is where we come in.

At BrilliantWeb we believe that this shift in paradigm has created a great opportunity for our clients to both find new customers and to build relationships with their existing customer bases.

We want to help you enter this new market with the best tools and training available.


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