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Managing your own web site
In the beginning (1992), web sites could only be edited by someone who understood web programming languages (HTML etc).  Web site owners had to send all content changes to a webmaster for update on the site. As web sites became more central to business processes, and needed to be updated more often, an increasing number of web site owners required the ability to edit their own sites.

Content Management Systems

BrilliantWeb builds all sites using the Joomla Content Management System (CMS).  This is a tool that allows a non-technical person to add and edit web site content.  If we build a web site for you, you have the option, at any time, to take over web site maintenance functions.

The majority of our clients still elect to outsource web site maintenance to BrilliantWeb's maintenance team.  However a growing number are editing their own sites.

When to edit your own site

This approach is recommended when:

- The site is updated frequently
- You wish to reduce outsourcing costs

What resources do you need?

You need the following resources to effectively manage your site:

Decent broadband internet access

ADSL or high speed wireless are acceptable.

A vision holder

This is often the marketing manager - someone who:
- understands web marketing and the goals of the site
- has time and focus to keep site on track

Without the vision holder, the web site rapidly becomes chaotic, out of date, and misaligned to company branding, positioning and marketing goals.

Staff to write and edit the site content

Content editors must:
- have time to work on the site
- be reasonably computer literate
- have good writing skills


Quite often, the task of editing the site falls on someone who is already fully occupied, and therefore has no time to work on the site.  The work is not technical, and should be assigned to someone with marketing and communication skills, not an IT technician.

Support for managing your own site

When clients manage their own sites, Brilliantweb continues to provide:

Support for the vision holder

- Web strategy input
- Web site reviews on request
- Technical input on new innovations available

Support for the staff doing the editing

- Staff training
- Second-tier support - if there is something that the staff member does not know how to do, we can assist with that work

Technical support

Hosting technical support - we make sure that the web server is operating correctly
Web site security - we make sure that known security issues are brought to your attention for resolution

Next steps

If you want to investigate managing your own site, contact us.