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Keeping the conversations going: web and email tools for post-presentation engagement

Brendon Hatcher, web strategy and marketing director at BrilliantWeb will be sharing a range of tools and processes designed to maintain your engagement with attendees after your talk has concluded.  The goal is to ensure the maximum benefit to you from every person who encounters your message.

Presentation structure

1. Understanding the options
2. Thinking about these tools strategically in the context of public speaking
3. Tips for implementation

The information covered will be vendor-neutral (not a sales pitch!) and will equip you to seek out the appropriate tools and service providers to build your perfect after-presentation engagement arsenal.


Past attendees may access the guidebook whilst at the same time experiencing the techniques discussed.

You'll get the same book each time, but it is worth seeing how the techniques work.


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Brendon Hatcher has been building web sites since the web was a year old (1993).  His company focuses on "Web sites with purpose", emphasizing that web sites are marketing tools, not IT tools. As a trainer, Brendon likes to stand at the boundaries between the business and the IT worlds.  It is here that he can interpret and contextualise each to the citizens of the other.  Think of him as a translator between plain English and techie-talk.