Email Marketing Services & Training

Email marketing an extraordinarily powerful marketing tool...if used correctly.

At first glance, producing and sending marketing emails seem like a really simple process.  However, there are several marketing, legal and technical issues that you have to consider in order to maximise the benefits of Email Marketing, and stay in line with SA and international legislation.

You also need a clear marketing strategy, significant human and technical resources and a well-planned production process to make Email Marketing work.


  • Email Marketing strategy
    We can assist you with planning effective Email Marketing campaigns
  • System scoping
    We can assist you with identifying your human, technical and time resources to ensure successful Email Marketing campaigns.  Email Marketing is more complex than most people imagine, so don’t skip this step!
  • System installation *
    We can install a comprehensive set of tools required to manage your subscribers, send emails and measure the impacts of your marketing activities
  • Email template design *
    We can assist you with developing a branded template to carry your marketing message
  • Full or partially outsourced email production and sending *
    We can assist you with the production and sending of your email campaign messages.  We offer fully managed services through to simply supporting you to get the job done


* These services apply if your site uses the Joomla Content Management System.
If you are an existing BrilliantWeb client, then your site will most likely use Joomla.


We run training courses on strategic and technical aspects of all the services we offer.  This empowers our clients to take as much control over their email and web marketing as they wish.

We run public courses that anyone may attend, as well as internal courses for companies and organisations.

Email Marketing For Business Owners & Marketers

This 8-hour course provides a comprehensive overview of Email Marketing for a non-technical audience.  The course focuses on strategic planning and implementation, not technical steps, so it is NOT suitable for IT personnel who are not directly involved in branding, marketing and communication etc.

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