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Cost and service level implications of arranging your own hosting

BrilliantWeb does not require that you host your Joomla site on our server.

For instance, you may have an existing relationship with an ISP, or a long term hosting contract that you cannot get out of.

However, our experience shows that working with other hosts always adds complications and delays for us.

We therefore cannot offer the same costs and service levels as those included in our hosting package.

Server performance

If you select the server, we cannot make any warranty on:

  • The suitability of the site for running Joomla
  • Bandwidth, server uptime and provider service levels
  • Management of upgrades - if we do not administer the server, we may not be able to track that you site needs an upgrade


  • We will charge to install Joomla on the server
    This fee is additional to our quoted cost for developing the site.
    Since we cannot anticipate all issues on all sites, we charge per hour for this work, and we cannot quote beforehand.
  • We will charge for each service request
    If we are managing the server, we do not charge for server administration, as these costs are covered in our monthly hosting fee
    If we do not host the site, we will have to charge for every service request.
  • If the site is hacked, we will charge to restore it
    We are responsible for security on our server
    Your host provider is responsible for their server security.
    Restore costs may run to thousands of Rands.
  • Maintenance costs may be higher
    We may take extra time to understand your hosting configuration, as each hosting configuration may be significantly different.