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Welcome to BrilliantWeb
Keeping the conversations going: web and email tools for post-presentation engagement

Brendon Hatcher, web strategy and marketing director at BrilliantWeb will be sharing a range of tools and processes designed to maintain your engagement with attendees after your talk has concluded.  The goal is to ensure the maximum benefit to you from every person who encounters your message.


Company History

Website design & web development specialists, BrilliantWeb is one of Durban's oldest web companies, having been established (as IZWA web design), just one year after the launch of the World Wide Web. Working with local, regional and international clients, we provide a range of web design and hosting services, as well as strategic planning in utilising the web intelligently and effectively.

Building Brands Through Relationships

BrilliantWeb understands the importance of effective relationships in the communication process and as such, our main goal is to assist you to understand how to use the web. This philosophy stems from a thorough knowledge of the internet and its role in effective marketing and communication. It is our undertaking to give you an insight into this medium and then to work together in a synergistic relationship, maximising your presence on the internet through the development of a new site, or by improving and updating your existing web presence.

By working with you, BrilliantWeb provides customised solutions that take into account your size, specific needs, ideas, and budget, whilst creating effective, professional, innovative and brilliant web solutions. These solutions can be tailor-made to meet specific requirements, or can be purchased as one of our ‘off-the-shelf' product packages, designed to maximise impact and minimise cost.

Customised or Package Solutions

As part of BrilliantWeb's ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction and effective communication strategies, a host of related services are offered.

  • Effective web strategising;
  • Dynamic site design;
  • Practical site functionality;
  • Careful project management;
  • Excellent service; &
  • Long-term aftercare.

BrilliantWeb boasts a long and successful history in the use of the internet as a marketing and advertising tool. An ongoing philosophy of building relationships that last into the future means that BrilliantWeb can grow your presence on the internet as you grow. web site development By providing sound advice, backup and knowledge BrilliantWeb will, at all times, ensure that you have access to the latest trends in website design and implementation, from marketing trends to new and exciting capabilities that the internet is constantly offering. By choosing a partnership with BrilliantWeb, you are choosing a long-term business partner, one that understands your business and is there to ensure your success at every step along the way.